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Brand activation

Creative 360° campaign & Street marketing.

Brand activation consists of implementing actions around a brand, with the aim of making it known and marketing its products. It’s the seamless integration of all available communication means in a creative platform in order to activate consumers. 

Brand activation = stimulation

1. interest / 2. trial / 3. loyalty

The expected results are an engaging action on the part of the customer, or a direct involvement such as sales. The purpose is to activate the first action and to create a contact.

What are the different activation channels? 

operational marketing: number of participants in a competition, …
event actions: street marketing, buzz effect, …
social networks: followers, likes, …
direct marketing, inbound marketing, digital marketing, … 

Traditional media (TV, press, radio, posters, etc.) can be used to support the launch of a brand activation campaign.

Brand activation = interaction

1. connect / 2. engage / 3. convert

New media have brought about a revolution in communication: the simplicity of interaction. Stimulate people to interact. This is a unique opportunity to offer an experience that influences the buying process.

Brand activation, which is more focused on experiences than branded products and services, is complementary to marketing.
A successful brand activation strategy will create a more immersive and impressive impression on the consumer’s mind. Bringing an experience to life is very convincing. A positive experience with the brand is the most powerful tool to activate people.
The guarantee of higher income.