Doing things differently: Break The Rules

After hundreds of business events, inspiration might run dry. TZAR has found a solution to this problem: The Break The Rules Concept. The principles of this concept is very simple: there are no rules and no idea is impossible. Break the rules was created for a client in Luxembourg who had already booked the large European Convention Center Luxembourg (ECCL) venue. A large area to play with can be a lot of fun but often very costly, using the backstages and foyer hall created an intimate effect, surprising their guests.

Business events and staff parties often follow a very classic pattern. Being creative inside these patterns can be pretty difficult. Breaking the rules gives you freedom to explore ideas that would have otherwise not been possible. Our client was very pleased with the creative approach of our TZAR Business Events Luxembourg team, so much that TZAR has become their partner for their future Staff Parties.

Company event | Tzar Agency Blog
Company event | Tzar Agency Blog

The Foyer offered its own challenges as the room was not designed to hold any event structures. Dinner was served on long tables giving a very cosy atmosphere and always being close to everyone. This event set-up created a unique fairy tale atmosphere, perfect for the Christmas setting. To hold the most important part of event – the afterparty – we couldn’t drag everyone to the big open event space as it would feel too empty. So the party was held were most afterparties are held, in the backstage. This smaller space gave guests the feeling of being in the most exclusive night club.

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After the success of the first Break The Rules concept, TZAR has used the same principles, no rules and nothing is impossible, in many other cases. At our partner location Wallonie Expo (WEX) which has a lot of expo halls available we envisaged a large outdoor event. The event would occupy most of the available parking which led to a parking problem. TZAR broke the rules and let the cars park inside of the expo halls. This gave the outdoor event the room and sunshine it needs to succeed.

This concept and way of thinking can work on every project and we’re ready to create more stories. It’s time to break the rules of your business event, exhibition stand or other project. We are ready to let you see things differently. The possibilities are endless.