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Technical Equipment


Technical Equipment Related event


Born from a world of marketing and creativity we feel the event and experiential agency model is ripe for a different approach. We manage with the customer the best and more efficient ROI. We create content focused, shareable brand experiences.  Call to action is today our direction for new concept. We also know that clients have their own good ideas and are looking for experienced "producers" to deliver their idea efficiently without the need for big teams of so we become a seamless extension of a customer's in-house team. That is our JOB

summit brussels radisson sas
kick off company econocom
video assistance by tzar
emotion by video
video conference
light and decoration event
event decoration
full light solution
econocom effect logo on wall
design for event success
animation for event
mm's event chateau de genval
light party after a diner
light design and effect
dance party
dance floor
decoration for a video presentantion for electrolux
conference kick off proximus lounge

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